An unexpected journey...

Even if you live in a vibrant city and have an exciting job and active social life, nothing can replace the unique experiences traveling offers. Visiting a foreign country opens your eyes to how the rest of the world lives; many therefore return home with a new appreciation for their own country while gaining a broader worldview in the process.


Paulo Coelho said : "If you think the adventure is dangerous, I suggest you try the routine ... it is deadly." 

When you have the chance to realize that life has other colors than those you know, you can no longer see the world in the same way.


Even when you enjoy the life you lead, there always happens a moment when the ordinary becomes truly too ordinary. While there are so many beautiful places to discover, exciting roads to explore, fascinating ways of life to explore and people so interesting to be around, why be content to stay at home ?

The many advantages of travelling

1. Extend your worldview


To travel is to show more perspective on the vagaries of life. You learn to easily do without things that you thought indispensable. You can even discover the qualities of the society that is yours and appreciate more the chance that you have to be part of it. When we become aware that there are different ways of seeing the world, we can learn to move away from our own associations. This phenomenon is especially evident at work if you engage the conversation with someone who does not speak your language very well. Language barriers will force you to take your time and explain some basic notions that seem obvious to you. You will then discover that not everyone has the same understanding of these notions. The assumptions differ from one culture to another, and even from one region to another in the same country. Travels bring us into contact with different conceptions that awaken the imagination and stimulate reflection. This experience can ease the rigid cognitive habits that may prevent us from moving forward. New avenues open, what better way to learn tolerance ?

2. Discover yourself

"On the way, the best is to get lost, when you go astray, projects give way to surprises and it is then, but only then, that the journey begins", Nicolas Bouvier (writer, photographer, traveler).


Traveling leads us to define our values, our priorities and our motivations. It also allows us to discover unknown aspects of our personality. Indeed, we do not travel as we go to the cinema. At the same time director and actor, the place of the traveler is rather on the screen than in the room. Traveling represents a different challenge from everyday life, which is what makes it all of its interest: to develop our spirit of initiative, autonomy, resourcefulness and self-confidence. To travel is to stretch and sometimes even to discover hidden talents and new passions such as photography (pleasure to hunt images), learning foreign languages, cooking, Dance (after dancing to traditional African or South American rhythms), etc. Interfering in life and local culture is the best way to learn. I personally was fascinated by Cambodia: the intense sunlight that floods its landscapes, its rich and colorful crafts have aroused in me the desire to paint.

3. Stay fit

Remain young with heart and mind and in good health. This is at least revealed by an analysis carried out in 2014 in the United States that establishes cause-and-effect links between travel and the decreased risk of heart disease and depressive disorders. According to the report of this analysis, produced by the Global Commission on Aging and the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, women who take vacations every six years or less are more likely to be infarcted or coronary heart disease than those vacationing twice a year. Men who do not take annual vacations would be 30% more likely to die from a heart attack. According to a neuropsychologist quoted by the "Chicago Tribune," travel could even reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer's disease. "When you expose your brain to an unprecedented, new or complex environment, its neurons develop and increase its performance," the expert explains. Even the stress inherent in certain trips can be beneficial, forcing the brain to remain on the alert.



What are the benefits of travel for you ? Tell us !

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