Business French Courses in Liverpool & Manchester

My business courses help enhance your team’s French skills and improve communication with French-speaking business partners, clients and colleagues.


Companies that set up French classes for their employees not only gain a competitive edge in Francophone markets, but also enhance their business travel experiences in French-speaking countries.


My Business French Courses are designed to be effective, stimulating and practical. The content of each course is tailored to your business, industry and personal priorities.
Lessons can be conducted during your working hours. We can arrange one-on-one or in groups at your office.

Please contact me with your specifications. I would be happy to discuss it with you !

I have worked with teams from :



"Anissa is fantastic. She is energetic, involved, thoughtful, happy and always willing to inject energy into the lesson. Always prepared and always bright and sunny. She is willing to go the extra mile for her students to accommodate their needs She is a lovely teacher, making time go by seamlessly. I highly recommend."

Anapelle, Sweden

"Anissa really helps you to grow in confidence with your new language. Her knowledge of French grammar is inexhaustible and her ability to explain it all in such easy terms is so effortless that even I can understand. Another wonderful lesson!"

Andrew, UK

"Amazing teacher. She is very organized. Her courses are well structured and help you improve (grammar, pronunciation, listening ...). Anissa was able to detect my problems and help me correct them. Very patient and friendly. Really, I recommend her. The best teacher I've ever had!"


Paul, USA

"Je prends les cours avec Anissa depuis 2 ans. Elle est très bienveillante et professionnelle. Son but principal est de vous faire parler, donc chaque fois j'ai beaucoup parlé lors d'un cours, mais c'était tellement utile. Anissa explique facilement toutes les questions posées. Les sujets de ces cours sont actuels et intéressants. Je la recommande !"

Maria, Russia