Learn French · 17. June 2019
Multiple studies have shown that progress is quicker among those who hear the language regularly ! Indeed, when you learn a language, one of the most effective ways to improve your understanding is to listen to the language as often as possible. Let’s take a look at 6 of the best French Youtube channels, covering options for all ability levels.
Events · 20. May 2019
With its red carpet, stars and glitter, the Festival de Cannes is an important event in the world of cinema. This year, succeeding Cate Blanchett, director Alejandro González Iñárritu was chosen as Jury President. If you want to know which films and actors are nominated this year, it's just here, on the Festival official website. You'll find below a nice infographic with all the vocabulary you need to speak about the Festival ;)
Culture · 03. May 2019
The month of May is the month of "public holidays" in France. But what is “un jour férié"? In case you haven't heard yet, here's a short explanatory video. The video is in easy French, ideal to practice some listening comprehension.
Learn French · 04. October 2018
15 to 20 minutes a day... In the subway, at noon with a sandwich or before going to bed... 15 to 20 minutes a day... That's all it takes to improve your French language skills! No need to cling to all kinds of learning manuals to reach a good level! Regularity and balance are enough: studying about 20 minutes a day is enough to improve your level.
Learn French · 17. January 2018
How to learn French faster ? Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been learning French for years, follow these steps, and you’ll be speaking French before you know it !
Travel · 04. October 2017
If you are learning French, spending some time in a city where French is spoken will drastically boost your knowledge, especially when it comes to understanding the spoken language and gaining confidence in your ability to speak. In this article I present you 6 of the main cities in the country and the reasons that make them a good place to improve your knowledge of the French language.
Travel · 02. September 2017
There is a wide range of French-speaking countries that you can travel. One important factor when travelling to French-speaking countries around the world is to be aware that there might be differences to the French you might have learnt before. Pronunciation varies a lot across the French-speaking countries, let alone even within one of them, just take France for example. A French native from Marseille will most definitely sound very different to a native from Paris. Furthermore, the...
Travel · 08. August 2017
Paulo Coelho said : "If you think the adventure is dangerous, I suggest you try the routine ... it is deadly." When you have the chance to realize that life has other colors than those you know, you can no longer see the world in the same way.
Events · 14. July 2017
The 14th of July in France is a national holiday ! The storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution are celebrated. For the occasion, every French town shoots a beautiful firework display in the sky and organizes popular. But what really happened on July 14, 1789, and why is it celebrated every year since then ? A bit of history… Before 1789, France lived under a regime of absolute monarchy, that is to say, that the king held all the powers, whether legislative, judicial or executive....
Events · 01. May 2017
The Labor Day ? Mmhhh probably invented by the French ! Indeed, French people like to demonstrate and strike so much that we could believe that they are at the origin of the labor day ... Well, not quite !

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